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3 Jul

False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park

Did you know Sandbridge is just a quick trip from False Cape State Park? Guests can park at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and catch a tram into one of the coolest state parks along the Atlantic. There is no public vehicle access to False Cape, which means the park is only accessible by foot, bicycle, the tram, or boat.

The area was mistaken for Cape Henry fairly often during the nineteenth century, and many ships met their demise in the shallow waters of the aptly named “False Cape”. The remnants of the Wash Woods community are one of the highlights of a tour through the park; the village was actually established by survivors of a shipwreck who used cypress wood from the wreckage to build a church and other structures.

Make sure to bring your camera and some binoculars! False Cape is home to all kinds of wildlife. Plan a stop by the Visitor Center near the Barbour Hill area to learn about the history of False Cape State Park and upcoming events, as well as grabbing a souvenir and a snack on your way in or out of the park.

False Cape State Park hosts events such as sunset paddles and wildlife tram tours throughout the entire summer, so head on down to False Cape to create some fantastic family memories!

Photos taken from False Cape State Park’s website:


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