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5 Feb

Hibachi in Sandbridge

Hibachi in Sandbridge

Spice up your meals this year in Sandbridge!  Josh Sarran, owner of Mt. Fuji 757, has created a business to provide hibachi meals for private groups.

“It’s something fun and different,” says Sarran, 28. “It’s not just about good food. I like to joke around, express my personality and create a lot of smiles. I throw in plenty of little tricks, especially if kids are there.”

Sarran has been working as a hibachi chef since 2014 and has the appropriate health permits.  A $150 flat fee includes the set up — grill, tables and chairs, tablecloths and candles, disposable plates and cutlery.  After that it’s as simple as ordering off the menu!  Mt. Fuji’s “Hibachi at Home” menu features entrees served with clear soup, salad, fried rice, hibachi vegetables and two appetizer shrimp. Options include vegetables ($17), teriyaki chicken ($23), jumbo shrimp ($26), filet mignon ($31) and lobster tail ($41). Kids’ meals are $15 to $17.

“He brought everything and made it really easy and fun,” Justin Hockaday, a former customer, says. “He even let a couple of us try to flip an egg on a spatula … until he ran out of eggs. He interacted really well with all of us, from a 5-year-old to people in their 50s.”

Information collected from Mt. Fuji website and The Virginia Gazette


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