Siebert Realty Office
5 Feb

Igloo Lounge

Looking for something fun to do on vacation this winter?  Igloos have made it to Virginia Beach!  Head down to the Oceanfront with 6 of your closest friends, and prepare for a unique experience.

The igloos are $75 to rent for 90 minutes, so make sure to arrive early to fully take advantage of the allotted time.  Once entering the Hilton hotel, you’ll wait by the elevators before a staff member takes you all the way to the roof.  Entering the warm igloo is nice after walking out onto the cold rooftop!  Inside you’ll find spacious seating for 6-7 adults as well as a charcuterie board, space heater, and Bluetooth speaker.  Each igloo also has a designated waiter for drink orders.

The igloo lounge will remain open until the beginning of March.  Call 757-213-3472 or email for availability.

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