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14 Feb

Leave a Note of Hope

Little Island Fishing Pier’s Little Red Mailbox

On the right side of the Little Island Fishing Pier sits a small red mailbox. Alongside the windswept dunes and crashing waves, the Little Red Mailbox serves to reconcile loss and inspire hope. If you open the mailbox, you’ll find a journal filled with messages of courage and love left by locals and visitors alike.

The Sandbridge Little Red Mailbox was established in 2017 by the Daniel’s Grace Foundation: a Virginia Beach-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting families stricken with cancer. The organization was founded by Jodi Newland after the passing of her husband Daniel.  The Little Red Mailbox serves as an emblem of hope in the community, and the messages inside bring warmth and strength to those in need.

The founder of the Little Red Mailbox of Hope, Sue Goodrich, shares the mission of the project: “It’s a place to share your thoughts, dreams, feelings, secrets, or to just visit and read what others have left along their journey. Everybody needs a little hope, and helping others also helps ourselves.”

The mailboxes are scattered along the east coast and can be found in different locations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. Sandbridge is home to the fifth mailbox in the collection.

Visit the Daniel’s Grace website for more information:


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