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29 Jul

Little Free Libraries of Sandbridge

Little Free Libraries

It’s hard to beat reading a good book on the beach. If you forgot to pack your book in your beach bag, don’t worry! Whether you enjoy curling up with your favorite book during an afternoon thunderstorm or prefer reading with your toes in the sand, the residents of Sandbridge have a solution for your literary needs.

Sandbridge community members built incredible “Little Free Libraries” for the enjoyment of all. You can spot these colorful libraries along the main roads and side streets of Sandbridge; often the boxes are decorated with quotes or book characters. The books are free for everyone and available 24/7. If you’ve already finished the book you brought on vacation, trade it in for a new one!  Sandbridge is home to several Little Free Libraries—they can be found on both the north end and the south end.

Some of the libraries are registered with Little Free Library: a nonprofit organization based in Hudson, Wisconsin. Their mission is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led Little Free Libraries.

A walk around the neighborhood to check out the little libraries of Sandbridge is one of the best ways to explore the community. Be sure to check out all of the libraries to see if you can find an eye-catching book book for yourself. With new visitors coming to Sandbridge every week, books are taken, and new books left quite frequently.

These libraries allow you to leave a little bit of yourself in Sandbridge while taking a little bit of Sandbridge back home with you. One little library curator received a letter from a young boy who borrowed a book series from her little library on the north end; “These books are filling my heart so much!”

Whether you are a local or a beach-vacationing visitor, please stop by to take a book or return a book! More information on the origin of the Little Free Library Program can be found at their website:

A map of Sandbridge’s little libraries can be found below!

BB’s Little Free Library is located in the north end of Sandbridge.
Sarah’s Take-It-Or-Leave-It is at the end of Sea Scape Rd.
The Sandpiper Little Library is hard to miss! It’s located right near the Sandbridge Community Chapel.
The Little Island Library is sure to have a book for you.
Tuna Lane is lucky enough to have two little libraries! This one is near the corner of Sandpiper and Tuna.
The second Tuna Lane Library is located at the end of the street on the right hand side.



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