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28 Jun

Our Guide to Working out in Sandbridge

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your workout schedule, if anything it means it might be time to upgrade your fitness game! Within Sandbridge and just beyond the bridge are some amazing spots to get your workout in. Here you can find accommodations for everyone from runners to bikers to water-lovers!  

∗ Heres our quick guide to working out in Sandbridge ∗


For those looking for a Breezy Ride: 

Bikes are the perfect transportation for getting from point A to B in Sandbridge! Whether you are looking for a quick way to get to the beach or down to little island park, bikes are the best way to feel the summer breeze and check out all the views. If you’re an early riser and are looking for a sweet treat, you definitely have to bike to Baja Coffee in the morning for a muffin and smoothie! 

For the Adventure Seeker:

Unique to Sandbridge is the beautiful Back Bay wildlife refuge! While you can get to the Visitor’s Center by car, if you want to adventure deeper into the park you either have to walk or bike, but biking is the most recommended because it allows you to go further into the 3,884-acre False Cape State Park. Due to its restricted access, this is one of VA’s hardest parks to access, which also makes it one of the rarest visited. Throughout the park are many trails to follow, using a map from the visitor’s center, you can choose the route that best suits you! 

For Class Lovers:

If you prefer to get your biking done stationary, don’t worry just a short drive outside of Sandbridge is the perfect cycling class for you! Cycle Bar offers many different variations of rides for customers, ranging from high-intensity full body class to low-intensity chill workouts. If you check out their website and choose the location “Red Mill Commons”, you can find their schedule and book a ride during your Sandbridge Vacation. 


For the Newbie or Longtime Runner:

Stretching only 4.5 miles from North to South, Sandbridge is the perfect place for first-time runners or long distance lovers. Based on your preferences you can choose to run on the beach, semi-beach Sandfiddler road, or on the main road Sandpiper. The best time to run is early in the morning between 6am-9am before it gets too hot. One safety tip is that when running on the roads of Sandbridge, run within the bike lanes in the direction of oncoming traffic so you can see drivers coming.

For the Trail Runner:

If you prefer to get off the road during your runs, Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is the place for you. With two trails to choose from April to October, it is the perfect place to run with nature. The distance from the visitor center to False Cape is 4 miles (8 miles round trip). If you’re really up for a haul, the trail goes for 9 miles from the visitor center to the North Carolina State Line.

For maps check out: Back Bay Refuge Map


For the Laid-Back (Bay) Paddle:

 If you’re looking for the perfect laid-back paddle, evenings on the bay are perfect for you. With calming breezes and gorgeous colorful sunsets, it is the perfect thing to do when the sun starts to set. During the day time, you can also bring your poles out to get a little fishing in on your vacation.

For the Sea Seekers:

Kayaking is an awesome workout! You can up your workout game by bringing your kayak to the beach! The oceanfront is the perfect place to paddle out and feel the salty ocean breeze. If you get lucky, you might also have the opportunity to see pods of dolphins playing in the waves, turtles coasting along, and pelican and osprey dive to grab dinner. Ocean kayaking is perfect for the whole family.

 Surfing & Paddle Boarding

Not Your Standard Board Meeting: 

 Surfing & Paddle Boarding is the perfect excuse to get out of the office and down to the beach! The intensity of this workout varies day to day and is dependent on your experience level and ocean conditions. With many local businesses offering one-on-one or group lessons, your trip to Sandbridge is the perfect time to learn how to Surf. Paddleboarding is a relaxing workout and takes balance, core strength, and upper body strength to the next level. If you’re up for the challenge, come rent a board from Moneysworth! 


Links to Rentals & Classes 

.                                                            https://oceanrentalsltd.com/lessons-camps/
Cover photo provided by @elleydonnelly

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