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3 Keys to Booking Your Dream Sandbridge Vacation Home

Planning your ideal family beach vacation starts with finding the perfect place to stay. Hotels may not offer enough space, and you are guaranteed to have an overcrowded beach experience. More and more families are taking advantage booking a vacation home or condo to fit their accommodation requests. When reviewing Sandbridge Beach rentals, consider these keys for booking your ideal vacation home.

Timing to Book Your Sandbridge Vacation
Have you considered when you want to vacation? The popular times for renting a Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, vacation cottage fall between May and September; however, Sandbridge Beach and Virginia Beach offer a variety of activities and settings throughout the year that interest guests including state parks, festivals, concerts, and more. When selecting vacation dates, you should also consider your budget, as special rental rates run throughout the year.

Tip: While you can plan the time for your vacation, you cannot always plan life occurrences. Travel insurance helps protect your vacation investments from the unpredictable.

Sandbridge Vacation Rental Location
When coming to Sandbridge, there is an abundance of rental home styles and sizes. Do you want an oceanfront vacation cottage or is a high rise condo more your preference? Would you like a little privacy with a Sandbridge beach rental tucked away on one of the side roads, or perhaps a calming rental near the Back Bay Canal?

Tip: After selecting a time, you can customize your Sandbridge vacation home search by location, or even by price and availability, then review all the varieties of rentals that fit your needs. 

Amenities Offered in Your Beach Rental
Along with the location of the beach cottage, you should also factor in your accommodation desires. Sandbridge Beach rentals are able to sleep anywhere from 2 to 50 people depending on the property. Some rentals have pools, some have theater rooms, while others are more of an ideal place to gather for family meals while spending the most time enjoying the beach.  When traveling with family and friends, make sure you have a priority list of what you want your vacation cottage to have.

Tip: You can search by “amenities” that may fit your accommodation requests. 

Planning your vacation is fun. Planning your DREAM beach vacation by utilizing these three keys will make it memorable!

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Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals Are More than They Seem

Sun and sand. Adventure and relaxation. A long awaited beach trip with the family is a quintessential summertime memory for many and Virginia Beach vacation rentals are at the root of these memories. You walk in the front door of the weekly beach rental and immediately pick out your bedroom. Then, throw on some flip flops and head straight to the beach.

From cozy condos to oceanfront mansions, there are wide varieties of Sandbridge rental properties in Virginia Beach that set the stage for your family vacation. So often, these beach house rentals soon become part of a family tradition. The rental is more than just a place to visit; it’s the home away from home. A destination to look forward to each year.

Part of the perfect vacation is enjoying every moment of it, not just when you get outside. That’s why Virginia Beach house rentals are the way to vacation!  Each property comes fully equipped for your stay. Pots, pans, silverware, bath towels and mats, bedspreads and more!

Start the memories with family meals and stunning views. Go beyond the adventures of the beach and bay by creating memories with a family game night and a movie marathon.

If home is where the heart is, you can keep a part of your heart at the beach by staying at a Virginia Beach vacation home. Take more than a vacation by making a family tradition.

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