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2 Mar

Pet of the Month: March

Pet of the Month

This month, we’ve decided to introduce you to a four-legged fan of Sandbridge who spends his time strolling the beach. Remember: if you have a beach-loving pet, please share your pictures with us and tell us about your furry pal’s love for Sandbridge. They may be featured in a future Pet of the Month post!

Meet Prince J: March’s Pet of the Month!

Prince J is a Jack Russell terrier from right here in Virginia Beach. He is a little over 16 years old! Prince J loves Sandbridge naps and hanging out on the screened porch during his downtime. He also enjoys hanging out with his buddies Stella, Duncan, and Lily!

Prince J’s favorite beach activity is hunting for crabs in the sand…living up to the Jack Russell name! But when he takes a break from searching for crabs, peaceful sunrise walks with the family are some of the best Sandbridge memories for Prince J.

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