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8 Oct

Pet of the Month: October

Pet of the Month

Hello fall! It’s hard to believe it’s already time for us to introduce October’s Pet of the Month: Hero! Remember–if you have a beach-loving pet, please share your pictures with us tell us why your furry friend loves Sandbridge and they may be featured in a Pet of the Month post.

Hero is 6 years old and has been coming to Sandbridge since he was 2 years old. He loves climbing the small dune by the house, watching the dolphins when they are close to shore, supervising “his people” in the pool from the shade deck, and enjoying the ocean breezes lying on the screened porch.

Hero’s Mom, Dr. Robin from Maryland, with her family and friends have been vacationing in Sandbridge and staying with Siebert Realty for over 20 years.

Robin sent us this photo of she and Hero on the beach with a note, “Last year, a beautiful sunset, Hero and me.  Memories like this kept me going while treating patients through COVID-19.  Couldn’t wait to put my toes in your sand, been a very hard year!”


Hero first came to Sandbridge with his Dad, Titan, and now brings his girlfriend Hops for a Sandbridge Dream Vacation.

Siebert Realty offers numerous pet-friendly rentals for those wishing to make beach memories with their furry pals. Visit the link below to find your next dream vacation home now!

Pet-Friendly Rentals: https://www.siebert-realty.com/rentals/pet-friendly-rentals/

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