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31 Aug

Pet of the Month: September

Pet of the Month

It’s already September? Wow!

Looks like it’s time to introduce our Pet of the Month! Remember: if you have a beach-loving pet, please share your pictures with us tell us why your furry friend loves Sandbridge and they may be featured in a Pet of the Month post.

It’s our honor to present September’s Pet of the Month…meet Zoë!

Zoë is a 9-year-old border collie/pit bull mix from Ashburn, VA. Zoë’s family has been visiting Sandbridge for over 30 years! Her owners adopted her when she was 2, and she has been a loyal Sandbridge visitor ever since.

Even though she is 9 years old, Zoë is a puppy at heart! Her favorite thing to do in Sandbridge is chase the ghost crabs and sandpipers along crashing waves. Zoë looks forward to coming in to town that first day of vacation and running down to the beach to run in the surf…it makes her so happy. Also, she always looks forward to making new friends on the beach!

This year, Zoë’s family stayed at Mai Tai.

Siebert Realty offers numerous pet-friendly rentals for those wishing to make beach memories with their furry pals. Visit the link below to find your next dream vacation home now!

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