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1 Aug

Pet of the Month: August

Pet of the Month

We want to kick off August with our first installment of Siebert Realty’s Pet of the Month! This is a way for us to get to know our four-legged guests a little better, and for other guests to connect and share their favorite pet-friendly properties. If you have a beach-loving pet, please share your pictures with us and tell us why your furry friend loves Sandbridge.

It’s our honor to introduce our very first Pet of the Month…meet Mosby!

Mosby is a 6-year-old pug and Jack Russell mix from Pottstown, PA. While his owners have been visiting Sandbridge for ten years, Mosby got his first taste of the beach life six years ago.

His favorite thing to do while on vacation is to people watch and dog watch. Mosby loves a good deck where he can relax in the sun and bark until he gets in trouble. One of his owners’ favorite memories of Mosby in Sandbridge is the time he met his first ghost crab–he was sniffing around and it popped right out of its hole!

A fun fact about Mosby is that he has never stayed in the same Siebert property twice…we always look forward to Mosby’s reviews as he tries out new properties!

Siebert Realty offers numerous pet-friendly rentals for those wishing to make beach memories with their furry pals. Visit the link below to find your next dream vacation home now!

Pet-Friendly Rentals: https://www.siebert-realty.com/rentals/pet-friendly-rentals/

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