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20 Sep

Social Distancing in Sandbridge

Social Distancing in Sandbridge: Why beach house rentals are the best option during the Covid-19 pandemic

We don’t need much convincing to believe that renting a beach house is a good idea, but if you’re worried about how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your travels or ability to limit exposure, we are here to ease your mind.

Maximum Social Distancing: As opposed to resorts or hotels, a vacation home creates the exclusivity to maintain distance from those not in your immediate family, while enjoying the relaxation of a beach vacation. Private pools and full kitchen amenities create the opportunity to completely eliminate contact with others.

Low Cost: Bring your own food to cook, enjoy the beach and other included cottage amenities and skip the vacation overspending guilt without compromising on the fun.

No Airplane Required: A busy airport is no place for social distancing! Sandbridge is a short drive from many states. Ease your mind and lower health risks by driving to your vacation destination. Plus, you’ll save on the expense of a rental car when you arrive!

A vacation home is never a bad idea, but during these unprecedented times, it is the best idea to keep your family safe and healthy.




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