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6 Jul

Virginia Aquarium Summer Camps

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center hosts annual summer camps to offer kids a safe and unique experience connecting with science and nature. These programs are a fantastic way to encourage hands-on learning and allow children to build friendships on vacation. The Virginia Aquarium’s camps are revered by locals and visitors alike!

While some of the camps have sold out for 2022, there is still availability for the 13–15-year-old age group. There is a waitlist option, so be sure to reach out to the Education Staff if one of the programs catches your eye. Be sure to mark your calendar for future sign-up dates to reserve your child’s spot next year! Below is a brief overview of some of the camps offered. A child must meet the specified age requirement by the time the selected camp begins.

Wonders of Water (2 days, Ages 6-8)

This program is offered August 1-2. Through experiments and science play, find out why water is so important for living things. Discover what’s living in water as you explore aquarium habitats and Owls Creek. The cost of this camp is $120.

Veterinary Care & Enrichment Training (2 days, Ages 6-8)

This program is offered July 25-26 and August 4-5. Explore the job of a veterinarian through role-play, observing live animals, learning proper animal handling techniques, and meeting the Aquarium’s vet team. The cost of this camp is $120.

Yuck, That’s Gross! (2 days, Ages 6-8, 9-12)

This program is offered August 11-12. Learn about animal anatomy and behaviors through this camp that’s full of fun hands-on activities. Dissect fish and squid, learn about parasites and other animals with gross reputations, and investigate animal waste. The cost of this camp is $120.

Watershed Explorers (5 days, Ages 9-12)

This program is offered August 15-19. Explore local watersheds to observe some of the animals that make our waterways a unique resource. Search for life in a pond, kayak to explore a marsh, trawl for fish and invertebrates, and investigate water in a laboratory. The cost of this camp is $420, or $350 for members.

Animal Superpowers (5 days, Ages 9-12)

This program is runs July 18-22. Investigate animal adaptations through live animal encounters, behind-the-scenes experiences, and STEM-focused activities. Explore how animals use super senses and super strength to survive in their environment. The cost of this camp is $420, or $350 for members.

Marine Explorers (5 days, Ages 13-15)

This program is offered July 11-15. Get an up-close look at the marine life and habitats in our area through lab studies, aquarium observations, and field explorations. Trawl for fish and invertebrates aboard the Ocean Explorer, go dolphin watching by kayak, seine in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and try SCUBA at Lynnhaven Dive Center. The cost of this camp is $480, or $420 for members.

Aquatic Ecosystems (2 days, Ages 13-15)

This program runs August 8-9. Compare and contrast pond, marsh, bay, and ocean ecosystems through field explorations. Learn how to collect aquatic animals for study and what it takes to maintain aquarium systems at home and at the Virginia Aquarium. The cost of this camp is $240, or $200 for members.

If you have questions about these camp opportunities or you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please contact the Virginia Aquarium Education Staff.

Education Staff
(757) 385-0278
717 General Booth Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Photos taken from the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center website. 


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