About Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Vacation Destination

Virginia Beach, located in the South Eastern region of Virginia, is a resort city that provides unique landscape for various beach vacation opportunities. Three styles of settings based on location give visitors a treat during their Virginia Beach vacation. Whether lots of activity or more exclusivity, Virginia Beach has it all.

Virginia Beach Vacation

With the Atlantic Ocean shorelines on one side and the Chesapeake Bay waters on another, Virginia Beach has three types of beach vacations.

  • The Virginia Beach Oceanfront Vacation

    The Atlantic Ocean provides travelers with a premier boardwalk setting. Local events and attractions are in abundance, especially during the warmer Spring and Summer seasons.
  • The Chesapeake Bay Beach Vacation

    The Chesapeake Bay offers visitors a more laid back experience. This beach setting has typically a little warmer, calmer water, perfect for looking for leisurely water activities.
  • The Sandbridge Beach Vacation

    A Sandbridge Beach Vacation is one of the most special, revered vacation Virginia Beach has to offer. It boasts the widest beach in area, creating more space for visitors. It also is the only beach that has a close proximity to a bay canal area - offering two waterfront opportunities. No hotels in Sandbridge create a more family-friendly, personal vacation.
What's Happening Around the Area:

Along with the beaches, Virginia Beach has an abundance of attractions, festivals, concerts and more to keep locals and guests busy all year long. Check out some links below to find what's happening around town:

Embrace the outdoors with Fishing/Boating adventures or check out one of our many parks and golf courses.

Virginia Beach is an ideal vacation destination that provides a plethora of things to do locally. Come visit Virginia Beach and discover how Virginia is for Lovers, indeed.