Severe Weather Updates

  Thursday 9-13-2018 3:00 PM
Although the forecast for this storm system has moved its track further south, Sandbridge is currently under a mandatory evacuation order. Please continue to keep a close eye on the weather updates and local news. We will make every attempt to update our incoming guests once the Evacuation order has been lifted. Please stay safe.

--Team Siebert


For Guests currently in Sandbridge:

Please stay tune to Channel 24 (the Weather Channel) or the local channels 3, 10, and 13. Or call the local weather at 666-1212 for the latest updates on the storm. If a Mandatory Evacuation of this area is ordered, and you do not have power to view weather reports, please know that our local fire department will go up and down the streets of Sandbridge to alert residents and vacationers.
During severe weather, some Sandbridge houses may experience Cable and Power outages. Va Power Co. will be notified of any outages in our area and will work hard to restore power as soon as possible.. If you require additional information concerning outages, you can call Va. Power directly at 1-888-667-3000. If Cable TV is out, you may call Cox Cable directly at 497-3300. Unfortunately, these utility problems are out of our control; however, we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.

Hurricane Watch and Warning:

A Hurricane Watch means that a hurricane may threaten within 36 hours. A Hurricane Warning means a hurricane is expected to strike within 24 hours. In either case, stay tuned to radio, NOAA Weather Radio, or local TV stations, Especially Channel 24, The Weather Channel, for hurricane advisories.

Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation:

Stay tuned to the local television stations (3, 10, 13) for updates on the course of the hurricane. Siebert Realty will also be posting the latest Hurricane Information on this website. If local officials feel a hurricane will threaten lives in a particular area, a Mandatory Evacuation will be issued. If a Mandatory Evacuation is issued, please leave the area immediately.

Securing Your Rental Home:

Before evacuating, please make sure to bring in all deck furniture, BBQ Grill, or anything in the yard that could be a projectile in strong winds. Put the trash container in the outside shower or a secure storage area. Unplug major appliances such as Microwaves, TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Stereos, etc. Set thermostats on OFF. Close windows and blinds. Make sure doors are locked tightly and that all screen doors are latched shut. Drop off keys at our office on your way out so that we know you have left the area. Drive safely and please be careful.

Property Boarding:

Depending on the proximity and intensity of an approaching hurricane, many owners may decide to board exposed glass windows and doorways. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during your stay, but protecting not only property, but lives as well, are vital during a dangerous hurricane.

Local Nearby Shelter:

The closest local shelter is at Corporate Landing Middle School located at 1597 Corporate Landing Parkway. DIRECTIONS: Go NORTH on General Booth Blvd (towards the resort area). Take a LEFT onto Dam Neck Rd. Make a RIGHT onto Corporate Landing Parkway

Items you'll need at the Shelter:
  1. Toilet articles: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towels, etc.
  2. Prescription medicines. Get re-fills before going to shelter.
  3. Lawn chairs, lounges, or cots for resting or sleeping.
  4. Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc.
  5. One complete change of clothes.
  6. A small supply (2 days) of non-perishable pre-cooked foods.
  7. A small supply (4 gals.) of sterile drinking water

Remember: Fill your car's gas tank before the hurricane hits. And also don't forget about your pets. Animals are not allowed in City/Red Cross shelters, so be sure to make other arrangements.

City of Virginia Beach Emergency Website:

The city's Beach Line offers pre-recorded messages with the latest information on: severe weather, evacuations, hurricane tips, available shelters, etc.